Become a Hydrogen Fitness franchisee today


An opportunity for those who value exclusivity. Hydrogen Fitness is a gym where size, luxury, and amenities prove their net worth.


The only large-scale, 24-hour luxury fitness facility franchise in the US. We combine the spaciousness of the average gym with the premium features, amenities, and cleanliness of a luxury fitness center.

Hydrogen Fitness redefines the fitness landscape, providing individuals with a sophisticated environment to achieve their fitness goals.

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Membership is just one slice of the revenue pie

Recurring Revenue ModeL

Enjoy consistent income through subscription-based services, including monthly membership dues.

Hydro Bar

Enhance your customer's experience and your revenue with a dedicated shake bar. Members can also purchase apparel and nutritional supplements.

Personal Training

Members of Hydrogen Fitness are serious about their health. Many members sign up for personal training sessions, enhancing their performance – and your bottom line.

Golf & Soccer simulator

Our clientele appreciates the opportunity to work on their game without going to the green. This appeals to non-traditional fitness club members.

Do you have what it takes?

Being a part of the Hydrogen Fitness family isn't for everyone.

We are looking for partners who are passionate about what we do. That’s why absentee ownership is a no-go. If you’re ready to spend some serious time in the cleanest gym around, we’d love to talk.

Hydrogen Fitness franchise owners enjoy a suite of benefits

Site Selection

You choose the location that is the perfect complement to your life and community. We are happy to help with this as well, if you’d like.

Gym design and equipment selection

Make it your own. Yes, we have recommendations but we also trust that you know your people and can provide the perfect gym for them.

Construction Management

Leave this headache to us. While construction is in progress, our corporate team will take care of the nitty-gritty oversight.

Marketing Assistance

Our team is at your disposal. Your success is our success. We’ll work with you to get qualified leads in the door.

Exclusive vendor agreement and preferred pricing

Take advantage of our pre-existing partnerships to achieve the highest ROI.



Ready to join the Hydrogen Fitness family? Here’s how it works


We’ll have a brief screening call to make sure that we are a good fit.


We’ll let you know exactly what you can expect when you open up your very own luxury fitness center.


We’ll send you all the relevant information.


You’ll visit our existing locations to understand what makes a Hydrogen Fitness location so unique.


We’ll hammer out the details and sign on the dotted line. Congratulations! We’re officially in business together.


We’ll help you choose the perfect location for the newest Hydrogen Fitness center.


We’ll get the physical location in perfect condition.


Before you even open your doors, our marketing team will be hard at work spreading the word and preselling memberships.


Let’s make the world a healthier, happier, and cleaner place - one location at a time.


Indulge in luxury fitness anytime

Open 24/7

Whenever a member feels that exercise itch, our facilities are clean and ready for a workout

Only Large Scale Luxury Fitness Franchise

Our gyms are for those who want an elevated experience but don’t want to worry about lack of space or equipment availability.

Low competition level niche

Hydrogen Fitness is a first-mover in the luxury fitness space. There is little direct competition in our target market.

Unmatched amenities

We are all about creating that elevated luxurious experience. That's why our gyms have a sauna, towel service, Hydro Bar, - and more!


Andrew Pinon, CEO

Since assuming the role of CEO at Hydrogen Fitness on January 3rd, 2024, Andrew Pinon has brought a rich background in the fitness industry to the helm. Having owned Change My Body LLC, a personal training company, since 2012, he possesses a deep understanding of client needs. Andrew’s proficiency in club management and gym design, cultivated through years in the large box gym industry since 2018, further strengthens his leadership. As one of the founders of Hydrogen Fitness, he drives innovation, guiding the company towards prominence in the fitness industry.

Jonathan Gutwein, President

Jonathan Gutwein has served as our President since January 3, 2024. Mr. Gutwein has served as the President of our affiliate EGOpharma LLC, a health and wellness company in White Plains, New York since 2003. He has been in the physical fitness industry since 2018 and has a history or developing gyms and turning around existing underperforming gyms since that time. Jonathan is one of the founding owners of Hydrogen Fitness.



Aaron Rubin is the CEO and Founder of ShipHero, a company specializing in warehouse management software and order fulfillment services for e-commerce businesses, focusing on providing the best service. Aarons’s expertise lies in advising both established and emerging companies and having open conversations with colleagues. Programming background, hands-on experience, and a continuous focus on testing features and thinking creatively to improve warehouse operations for clients. Leading the boardroom by day, bedtime kids stories by night. A loving parent, professional mate drinker, chasing greatness in the small things.


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Ben Berger, President of Berger & Berger in New York, is responsible for supervising the daily management operations of the company’s properties located throughout Queens and the Bronx, N.Y. In this role, he supervises each of the on- site management teams and spearheads marketing efforts at each of the buildings. He also serves in an executive administrator position for New Jersey properties. He joined the company in 1992.


Jonah Raskas began his career at The White House, working under George W. Bush in speech writing. Afterward, he moved into Investment Banking, assisting companies with capital raising through IPOs and private offerings. Jonah then managed product lines like Advil and Excedrin for GSK Consumer Healthcare (now Haleon). Currently, he leverages his banking and operational experience to transform and acquire companies. He led the go-public transaction for Wag! (Nasdaq: PET) and serves as a board advisor. Additionally, Jonah owns Harmon, a former Bed Bath & Beyond subsidiary focused on beauty and wellness retail.


Yale Lipschik is the founder and CEO of Independent Home, a company dedicated to providing accessible and innovative home solutions. A distinguished graduate of Brooklyn College, he earned his degree magna cum laude, demonstrating his commitment to academic excellence. With a keen eye for design and a passion for improving quality of life, Lipschik has led Independent Home to become a leader in the industry, known for its customer-centric approach and cutting-edge products.